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Grove City, Ohio 
Pet Sitting & Dog Walking
          house care

House care is included free of charge! Having your home look occupied while you are away is a crime deterrent. Retrieving the mail and papers. Alternating lights and window treatments. Placing trash on the curb for pick up.  Even watering the plants.

You love your pets. But sometimes you need to be apart - for work, vacation, or other reasons. Who can you trust to provide quality, loving care?  Rather than imposing on friends, relatives, or a neighbor, consider the benefits of hiring a professional. Others may drop by when it's convenient, fitting in visits around their work schedule. A boarding facility can be noisy and upsetting for your dog or cat. Pets are content and comfy at home, where their surroundings are familiar, and with their usual routine. Plus your house is also cared for, at no additional charge. JPC is dedicated to providing timely visits - that include everything on your list - to properly care for your furry, feathered, and finned family members. The peace of mind you'll have is priceless.

cat care

It's true, cats sleep a lot and are generally pretty independent. But they love having someone to feed them, give fresh water, scoop litter, spend time for play or TLC, and ease the loneliness while their human is gone.

If you have a mixed bag of pets, caged critters, aquariums, furry ones, feathered friends, and even hoofed ones, find out how Jan can take care of the whole gang for you, at a very reasonable cost!

Dog care
Multiple pets

Dogs love routine. Whether it's their feeding and Rx schedule, timely potty breaks, walks and exercise time, or just having someone there to scratch their ears and rub their bellies!

Your pets deserve a professional Pet Sitter!